About Caguas, PR

In 1775, Caguas was founded. It’s a municipality and city in Puerto Rico which is located in the Central aka Mountain area of Puerto Rico. It is south of Trujillo Alto and San Juan, west of San Lorenzo and Gurabo. It’s also east of Cayey, Cidra, and Aguas Buenas. When Caguas was founded, it was called San Sebastián del Piñal de Caguax and then at a later time Cagueños, people of Caguas, decided to shorten it. Caguax was a chief who converted into Christianity. In 1779, the construction of Caguas was finished. In 1820 the areas was listed as a valley and later on, in 1894, it officially became a town.

It takes 20 minutes to 1 hour to reach Caguas by car from San Juan. From Ponce, it takes 40 minutes. It’s called The Creole City or La Ciudad Criolla. It also goes by the name Turabo Valley or El Valle del Turabo. The name originates from Taíno cacique Caguax. It’s a principal city in the San Juan-Caguas-Fajardo Combined Statistical Area as well as the San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo Metropolitan Statistical Area.


The area has a tropical climate. The daily temperature remains about the same throughout the year and rarely goes below 64 °F. There’s both a wet and a dry season in the area. Rainfalls and monsoons happen throughout the year, although in the eastern valleys towards the coastline, there’s less of it. The land is considered both deep and fertile.

Among Puerto Rican cities, the city of Caguas has one of the better performing economies since the 1980s. In the beginning of 20th century, Caguas was home to the biggest in Puerto Rican sugar manufacturers and thousands of Caguans, aka Cagüeños, were employed in the industry.

In 09/05, William Miranda Marin, the mayor of Caguas imposed the first tax in the island of Puerto Rico for the municipal area via a city ordinance. For every one dollar that’s spent in the area merchants 1 cent tax is charged. It’s called the Willie Tax” in the area by the locals. For the city it raises approximately $500,000 for the city. The municipal tax was raised to 1.5% after the state tax of 5.5% was established so there’s now a total of seven percent of tax.

Sightseeing, places of interest and landmarks

  • Caguas Historical Museum
  • Botanical and Cultural Gardens
  • Coquí Villa
  • Hacienda Catalina Ruins
  • Caguas Cathedral
  • Hacienda Country Club
  • La Casa de Ajedrez
  • Hacienda Cofresí
  • Tobacco Museum
  • Cathredal Dulce Nombre De Jesus

There is rich culture and history in Puerto Rico. The climate is perfect for growing nice plants and flowers. The Botanical and Cultural Garden (Jardin Botanico y Cultural) opened in 2007. It was renamed William Miranda Marín Botanical & Cultural Garden in September, 2010 after a well-liked mayor. The garden is on the grounds of an old sugar mill. It’s a thematic park designed to educate the public on the culture of Puerto Rico in relation to tropical agriculture and nature. To learn more, visit http://visitcaguas.com/